Whatsup people!

Welcome to Ride the bean

My name is Kenneth!


What is your purpose in life?


Ride the Bean is my way of attempting to

answer this question for myself.


We only get one go at this life thing so

I want to expand my horizon and find

reasons and ways to keep growing and learning.

The idea came about because I have been struggling

with depression my whole life and I was struggling to

find a reason to keep going. 


So I figured I’ll have to make my own reason.


Through Ride the Bean I will combine the things I

enjoy most and use it to grown as a person.

I really enjoy spending time in Nature and my hobby and

profession is coffee. I am very shy, but I enjoy getting to

know people and I have a new found passion for riding motorcycles.

So I will be using the bike to get to new places where I can meet new

people I can get to know over a cup of coffee.

I will also share a lot of my experiences both from trips I go on and

my life in general. 


Since I am a coffee roaster I decided to create my own coffee to bring

with me wherever I go, and I have teamed up with a good friend of

mine who runs his own roasting company to help me ship it around

the world.


So if you want to join me in my adventures and learn new things as we go,

then subscribe to my Youtube channel and came along with me.