Adrian is a good friend of mine and have been  in the Norwegian coffee industry for many years. 

We started out as competitors in the regional and National barista championships back in 2014.

Since then we have opened a

coffee shop together, run a

coffee roastery, competed

together and against each

other in different

competitions and worked

festivals and held courses



Adrian is a proud coffee

geek and have won the

Norwegian National Barista

Championship twice, in

2018 and 2019 with coffee he roasted himself on his own roaster.


After having worked

for a coffee shop chain called

Dromedar for some years,

he wanted to try doing things

his own way. So he built

a roastery in his home and

started selling his own home

roasted coffee, roasted on

his 1kg Bullet coffee roaster. 


I love what he is doing and want to support him. That is why I want him to be the one roasting my coffee “The Bean” while I am out riding my motorcycle.


So by supporting me, you are also supporting Adrians dream of growing his coffee roastery.

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I have been a customer at the Yamaha store since I was 16 and got my first scooter. They are all great people, but Torgeir is really amazing.


When I first started to be serious about following my dream I asked him if there was any way he could show me how to do some basic things on the bike as I had zero knowledge about motorbikes.


He said “it is great that there are people as crazy as you in the world” and he wanted to help me with what he could.


At first he helped me decide on the right bike to use, and he taught me how to change tires, air filters and some other basic stuff. 

He allowed me to use the workshop to practice and setup my new bike, and is still helping me learn about them.


My dream of riding around the world would be a lot more challenging without Torgeir.


Louis started working with me as a chef at the coffee bar I helped open  in 2015. He is an amazing cook and is very creative. While working there, Louis used to draw some of the outdoor signs and also designed som of the labels for the coffee bags.


In 2018 he decided to follow his dream of starting his own graphic design company. He has since worked with some amazing clients. Among the things he’s designed are menus and website for FAGN (Trondheim´s first Michelin star restaurant), menus for HIMKOK (one of the most unique cocktail bars in the world, situated in Oslo), beer cans for HAMMERHEAD (an amazing brewery in Trondheim) and many more. 


He now lives in Oslo, but when he was still living in Trondheim we used to meet for a beer every now and then. 


One day, when we started talking about my dream of going to Africa on motorcycles, he said he said he wanted to be a part of the journey. That night he went home and started drawing, and the next day he sent me 11 drafts of logos. After some discussion we settled on the one we have now.


Some months later we

went to our cabin together

where we designed our first

coffee labels, with the idea

of our logo as the globe that

we are riding our bikes



Now we have a better plan of what we are doing, and he still want to help us achieve our dream.

So in one day he designed my new coffee labels with the Tenere 700, a hammock and a coffee pot. This represents me perfectly!


I are so happy to have a friend like Louis! And by supporting me you are also supporting Louis dream of growing his design company. 

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Grant Harrisson started working with me at the coffee shop at the end of 2018. 

He has previously run his own bar, and has worked as a bartender for some of the most interesting cocktail bars in the world. 

Through this he has learned how to be organised and know what to focus on at what time.


At the time, I was burning the candle at both ends by working day and night in a stressful environment, and Grant taught me to focus my energy on one thing at a time.


Over the course of a year, I learned how to manage my time and my life better and it is part of the reason I have come so far with my dream. 


Grant is also a certified health coach and through the platform he is building he wants to help people learn how to manage their stress, anxieties and nutrition, the same way he helped me.


Grant has helped me structure my life so I can focus on what I want to achieve, which is riding My motorcycle on new adventures.


I am so happy to have Grant on my side in this project and if you support me, you are also supporting Grant and his dream of helping people live their best life.

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