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Roasting coffee

If you have been following Ride the Bean for a while you know that I used to work as a coffee roaster until I was put on sick leave for overwork and exhaustion about a year ago. Then when I was about to get back to work, my business went bankrupt and a little while later I was in a motorcycle accident.

So it has now been over a year since I was at work. But luckily I am getting better every day and now I have recovered enough that I am able to start working a little bit again.

I still can not overexert myself, but I can start testing myself to see where my limit is.

In December I showed you around the Christmas market in Trondhiem where I was selling some coffee for a company called Langøra.

I have known them for years and although we used to be rivals we have always been friends and helped each other out.

One of their roasters recently quit, and when I was at the market I got to talking to Kristian, the owner, about wanting to get back to work. So he said I should come up to the roastery in January and we could figure out something. So I did.

And now I am officially working for them. I am still not able to work full time, but January and February are usually very quiet months anyway, and especially now during covid. So for now I only work one day a week.

I had my first day two weeks ago and it felt so nice to be back by the roaster. I noticed that I have forgotten a few things, but I quickly got back to my old rhythm.

I still think it will take some time to get back to the focus I used to have, but I am excited about getting the chance to do what I enjoy again.

The challenge for me is being able to lift the coffee. My stomach is still painful and if I am a bit out of balance or strain myself a bit too much it hurts. And dragging around or lifting 70kg coffee bags can be quite strenuous. When I am back by the roaster I feel like I never left and I am back to doing what I was used to, which was full throttle all day, and I notice that I am not physically capable of that just yet. So I consciously have to tell myself to slow down.

I am also still struggling with eating enough and when I am at work I always forget to eat. So that is also something I need to force myself to do.

I still have a few challenges ahead of me, but being back to something resembling normal feels good. I still have to work on myself so that this job does not take energy from me, but gives me more. But that is only up to myself.

I am thankful that I got this opportunity to work with what I enjoy again.

I am still planning on traveling this summer so the plan for now is to work with Langøra until I leave in spring.

I guess it can be a bit confusing that I now work for Langøra, but the Ride the Bean coffee is roasted by Adrian at Kaffi Nanoroastery.

That is the great thing about the coffee business in Trondhiem. We are all good friends and we all help each other out.

Langøra is now a well established company, and Kaffi has just started. So I still want to support Adrian by having him roast my coffee. And I will still be helping him out if he ever needs it.

He is now preparing to go to the World Barista Championship (WBC) as the reigning Norwegian champion and I am super exited for him. I hope he can use the opportunity to grow his brand.

We both make more and feel better if we support each other instead of competing.

For me, having been out of the game for a year now and all the changes that has happened in the past year it feels good to be back doing something I enjoy and knowing that we are all rooting for each other.

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