Changing my dream

All my life I have dreamed of traveling. But growing up I didn’t do too much of it except for a few family trips in the summer.

But that is not really travel, that is going on holiday.

So when I was in my early 20’s I started to plan a round the world trip and in October 2012 I got on a plane to china to start backpacking for more than half a year. I visited all continents except Antarctica and by the time I came home I had become infected with the travel bug.

So much so that as soon as I could I left again. This time on a road trip in the car that I inherited from my grandma. I drove around most of Europe for about 6 months and also took a month overloading southern Africa with a group of people.

This experience made me fall in love with the African continent. And this is where my dream of overloading Africa started. And after seeing “The long way Down” I knew I wanted to do it on a motorcycle. But at the time I didn’t know how to ride one.

Over the next few years this dream was just that, a dream. I did get my licence but only to be able to get to work faster.

Then I met Pia. After having been together for a little while we somehow started talking about travel and places to see. I don’t remember exactly how but I mentioned my dream of riding a bike through Africa. She enjoyed being on the back of my bike and so I encouraged her to get her own licence. That took a year and when she got it we seriously started discussing the idea of doing a trip like this.

She was scared but always up for a challenge and over the next year we started planning the trip and practicing our riding skills. I was always afraid I was dragging her along on something she was not into, but she assured me many times that yes she was scared but she wanted to do it.

It had gone from a vague dream I had to a real thing. And the best part of all of it was that I would be able to share it with the person I cared about the most.

We planned on leaving in November 2020 but do the first leg in August to avoid winter up north. We sold our homes and planned on living in the forrest between august and November.

We started from Trondheim towards the North cape on August 28th and reached the North cape at 4 AM on August 31st. This was officially the start of the trip we had been planning for almost two years.

But after just a few hours on the road on the first day we both ended up flying into a river and having to be rescued by a helicopter. I ended up in a coma and had to have 3 surgeries and spend more than 6 weeks in the hospital. Pia broke her back but was still able to walk.

Throughout my time in the hospital Pia helped me out more than I can express.

She found a place for us to live while we healed up and helped me out with my medication and food.

We talked about it and decided that we still anted to do the trip, but now Corona had also taken over the world for real and all the borders were closed.

So we were forced to wait until spring. That would give us enough time to replan and retrain ourselves.

But a couple of weeks after I started physical therapy she dropped a bomb on me. She didn’t want to be with me any more and she did not want to travel. And she had apparently been feeling this way for a very long time. So my biggest fear had come true.

Now it was mid December and my whole life and future and been turned upside down. I had lost everything I cared about and I had to decide what to do.

Many things went through my mind. My first instinct was that I don’t want to be here any more. So for a few days I was just thinking about how and where to end my life.

But after talking to some friends who gave me some advice I decided to keep Ride the Bean going. Making these videos is something I enjoy and it gave me something to focus on.

I had wanted to make travel videos. I was inspired my Pedro Mota, Noraly from Itchy boots and Kinga from OnHerBike and I wanted to do something similar.

But now the world is looking very different than when I started to dream about a trip like this and it changes from day to day. It is almost impossible to make any sort of plans at the moment.

I still want to go through Africa, but I am not sure I will be able to do it alone. I am not even sure I want to do it alone. I have traveled the world twice now alone and I know what that is like. This time I really wanted to travel with someone to share the memories with.

I was contemplating just going back to my old life with work and nothing else but I know I would regret that in 10 years.

Right now I have everything ready to go on a journey and I will never be this free again. I just need to get my health back and I am good to go. So I decided to give it a go. When Spring comes I will go on a solo trip. But I don’t know if Cape Town will be my destination.

Since absolutely everything in my life and also the world has changed so dramatically in such a short time I think it would be OK for me to change my trip as well.

I have been overwhelmed by all the feedback and comments I have gotten on the YouTube videos, and so many of you have invited me to come stay with you and to ride with you.

So instead of having Cape Town as my destination, I will use you guys as my destination. At least to start with.

Right now I plan on leaving in May and spend a couple of months driving around Europe to visit people and see interesting places that I have not seen. I have always been very shy and usually said no to joining things. But I decided after all that has happened that I from now on will try my best to say yes to any opportunity that seems fun or interesting.

This means that as long as the borders are open and I am allowed to I will be zigzagging Europe and visit people who invite me to go riding or camping with them.

It does not mean I have written Africa off. If I get the chance and it seems safe enough I still want to try to get there. But it is not the main goal any more.

Also all of this depends on the situation in Europe by the time the summer gets here. If all borders are still closed I will try to do the same here in Norway.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and my dream.