Connections from YouTube

The past week has been a fun one for us!

Our YouTube channel is slowly growing and we are getting a lot of good feedback. We really appreciate everyone who has been watching and commenting on our videos. It means a lot to us and lets us know that people like what we are trying to do.

It does feel really strange though. We are both very shy people and we kind of like to keep to ourselves. So trying to get exposure on social media is something we never thought we’d ever try to do. It is far beyond our comfort zone. But when we get all this positive feedback it makes it not so scary, and a lot more fun.

We have been getting comments from people all over the world, from India to America and from Australia to Africa and Europe. And we have gotten lots of invitations to come to visit people! This makes us very excited for our trip. We will take some of you guys up on your offers and come visit as many people as we can. But for now, we are still stuck in Norway trying to figure out how we can cross the borders through Europe to start our trip.

And Norway is also full of great people.

One of the people who have been watching us on YouTube is Ragnar. He also very recently got his brand new Yamaha Tenere 700. He has been riding racing bikes and street bikes for many years, but recently did a trip on a GS800 and decided he needed an adventure bike. So the T7 is a perfect mix of street and adventure.

After watching some of our videos he invited us for an afternoon of riding. We still have not had a lot of time to go and explore the dirt roads around where we live, and we really have no idea that they even exist. So when Ragnar asked if we wanted to go and explore we couldn’t say no.

We met at a gas station and drove up to a mountain about half an hour from Trondheim, called Forbordsfjellet. The road leading up to it is a private road so we had to pay 30NOK to be able to go up. But it is well worth it. The gravel drive up is a lot of fun, and when we got to the top we had a view over the Trondheim fjord and Tautra, the peninsula where Pia went for a night ride the night before.

Check out that video here:

This mountain is also a place people who paraglide use as a launchpad. On one side there is a steep cliff with a warm updraft that allows them to ascend high about the mountain. Watching them run off the cliff and fly in complete silence was really fascinating.

After our visit to Forbordsfjellet, we hit the road again and drove towards our cabin. But out of nowhere, Ragnar turned right onto a dirt road with a gate. With a car, we couldn’t have passed, but with our bikes, it was no problem. After rounding the first corner I saw a deer standing in the field and the noise from Ragnar's bike scared it and it took off running at full speed. Towards where I was driving. Luckily I could see the deer the whole way across the field and it crossed the road about 50 meters in front of me. I felt bad for scaring it, but luckily nothing happened to it.

After Pia had a run-in with a deer on her BMW (read about it here!) she is extra worried when animals appear along the road. With good reason. That could have gone really bad.

When we had passed the deer the road became even more gravelly (is that a word?). Some sections with loose gravel, and some with slippery mud. We are both very inexperienced on dirt roads, so this was very good practice for us. And so much fun! After a few minutes it started to rain, so things became even more slippery but it didn’t cause any issues.

We reached a dead end and were greeted by a few sheep before turning around again.

On the way back I got to try Ragnar's bike. He had tightened up the suspension on his bike so I got to feel the difference. These are things I have never really thought about before, but I really noticed the difference.

I am a bit worried that when I load up the bike with 40kg of luggage that this suspension will be too soft and I risk damaging it. So I probably have to consider changing it out.

I learn something new every day. And meeting other riders I get a new perspective and new and very helpful information. We love it!

In that way, the motorcycle community is a lot like the coffee community. Almost everyone who works with coffee is cool, open, and interesting people. And most people who ride motorcycles are the same.

Before we ended the trip we had a stop at a hidden waterfall. It was a bit cold to have a swim, but what a beautiful spot! I think we’ll have to come back here on a sunny day for a swim.

Maybe even camp for a night or two.

All in all, this was an amazing day! And it was all thanks to our YouTube channel. We can´t wait to show you the video! It will be up next week.

Starting this channel was very scary at first. And way beyond what we were comfortable with. But we are getting more and more used to it. And days like this show us that if we manage to expand our comfort zone then we can experience things we never had thought about before.

Later in the week we also had another awesome experience with some other bikers who watched our channel that we’ll tell you about in our next blog. There will also be a video from that day. So stay tuned!