Dream big

Do you dream big, or do you dream small?

Me? I used to dream of visiting all the beautiful mountains and fjords of Norway, tent in rucksack.

I’d picture all the beautiful views I’d cherish while eating my lunch in a new location each day.

I’d often be sharing that lunch with my friend, Marianne.

The food would be unremarkable, and the only available drink would be lukewarm water from the nearby creek. At times there would be a lot to talk about, other times we’d just sit and stare and say “how lucky are we?”

At times, I was living my dream. The dream was within my reach. My 360 degree perspective was all forest, all mountain, all sky. My phone would be in flight mode, disconnected from the comings and goings of the world. My body and mind readily in tune with the here and now.

For brief moments during the night I would stir in the sleeping bag, and appreciate the wind constantly refreshing the little space of air that felt like mine. My eyes would open, take in the starry sky and feel relief that I was still there.

There was nothing wrong with my dream. I was enjoying it, both living it and dreaming it.


Nowadays my dreams involve motorcycles, mountains, Africa!

Ride the Bean | Dalsbygda | BMW 310 GS |

The sheer size of this dream intimidates - the range of work involved in it so vast I find it hard to know where to begin. This seemingly unreachable goal demands that we go all in and leave everything behind. My boyfriend Kenneth and I are planning to ride our motorcycles from Cape North, Norway all the way to Cape Town, Africa!

Stay tuned for more information on this dream of ours, that inspires and frightens me so!

In hindsight, one could ask: if my previous dream was so achievable, was it ever even a dream?

What would you dream if you thought all dreams came true?