This video was made as an introduction for our channel, and boy was it fun to make!

We brought Kenneth´s motorbike (Pia didn’t have one at the time), and parked it by a view we like to enjoy. It was a beautiful autumn day, and lots of people were walking by, catching glances. We were so uncomfortable! Which is quite fitting when the topic is going out of your comfort zone, right? We brought coffee equipment, but never got round to actually brewing any - the noise was too disruptive for the audio quality.

Pia had a hard time keeping still and focused and gave Kenneth a bit of a challenge with monkeying around on set.

Writing the script for the video was actually quite challenging. Trying to convey who we are meant we had to think that through. We knew we wanted to give a true representation of ourselves, but who are we? A question that’s hard to answer, but we gave it a try. With our constant need to challenge ourselves and grow, who knows when the video will be obsolete?

The B-roll was shot at Jonsvatnet, a rural area not too far from where we live (Trondheim, Norway). Coincidentally, this is the same place Pia rode pillion for the very first time a year before we met. The area has some dirt roads and hairpin bends - so much fun to ride through! If you ever visit the city, make sure you take the time to come here and enjoy some good-old-fashioned peace and quiet in nature.