Homeless in one week!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Homelessness is usually not something to be sought out, but that´s exactly what we´ve done now.  We sold my apartment in March, and now Kenneth´s apartment is off our hands! All this is part of our plan to sell our homes, quit our jobs and go ride our motorcycles!

Our temporary home: hammock/tent.

When we decided to go all in on this crazy adventure we put our homes up for sale and our plan was to live in a tent from May to November.  This way we would save a lot of money on rent. We also planned on taking on some extra shifts to make some extra cash.

As time has passed without it being sold, our worries have increased. We originally wanted to have it sold by June, so we could put the money for mortgage and other expenses directly into the savings account. According to our calculations, we would save up about 60 000$ which we estimated the trip would cost. We could get by living in a tent in the meantime. As time passed by, we saw the savings account diminish simultaneously. We considered keeping one of the apartments to rent it out, but in the end we decided we would let them both go. That way, we don´t have to worry about rent not being paid and having to deal with tenants.

From May to July we had several house showings but nobody seemed interested.  For each month we stayed there we lost more potential savings. To be honest, in June we were kind of happy to have a home since it was raining for about a month straight.  We decided to take the apartment off the market for a while and wait until the students returned to the city. Hopefully some of them needed a place to stay. But then a few days after we took it off, someone had contacted the realtor about viewing the place. But he never told us when he would come! So on a Tuesday morning, when Pia was at work, Kenneth was standing in his boxers folding some clothes when someone walked in the door unannounced. The apartment looked like a mess. We had motorcycle panniers and tools all over the floor because we were trying to figure out our toolkit, and some breakfast dishes on the kitchen counter. Kenneth yelled “HELLO!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Our realtor was on holiday and one of his colleagues had taken a potential buyer to the showing, and locked themselves in. He was a bit startled and said carefully, “Didn’t your realtor inform you about the showing? “He asked if it would be ok but never said when. But give me half an hour and I’ll try to make it presentable.” They left and Kenneth scrambled to pack up all tools, clean the kitchen, bathroom and floors and 30 minutes later they came back. Kenneth went to the library while they were there and an hour later he got a phone saying that the guy wants to buy the apartment.

We have seven days to get our stuff and ourselves out of the apartment for the new owner. We´ve gone through all our possessions and given away the things we don´t need. (How did we end up with so much stuff??) Some items carry a lot of meaning to us, and have been put in storage. Kenneth´s mom is also holding a bit of our stuff, thank you so much! 

It´s time for us to pack up the bikes and head out, now. Soon! We´re counting down the days for the first lap of our long journey. Until then, we´ll be sleeping outside. Some nights in hammock, others in a tent. It doesn´t have the luxuries we´re used to in the apartment: like hot shower. But it does have another luxury that we find priceless: nature! We look forward to waking and going to sleep with nature. To listen to the rustle of the trees, or the rain drops fall on the tarp or tent. To enjoy the long summer evenings and the stars come out in the fall. To gain that, we`re willing to forego the shower and use the gym instead.

Our trip is closing in, and it is starting to feel more and more real. We’re quite nervous! Would you consider living in a tent for three months, if it meant you could save up for the trip of your lifetime?