Kongsberg and Oslo

When I set course for Oslo I didn't really know what I wanted to do next.

When I was looking at the map I randomly decided to head to Kongsberg. On the way there I started to think about the silver mines that Kongsberg is famous for. So when I camped that night I bought tickets for a tour of the mines.

I knew I had been there a a little kid, but I didn't remember anything. So why not check it out?

I found it really fascination to learn about the history of the mines and how the lives of the workers was like.

I always find it very interesting to learn about how other people lived back in the day. It makes me appreciate what I have even more.

The life on a miner was not easy. Climbing hundreds of meters into the ground every day and then climb for an hour to get out again every day.

It is a world very far away from my coffee focused life today.

After Kongsberg I headed to Drammen to visit a coffee bar that used to buy my coffee and were I knew an old colleague of mine worked.

But she had recently quit to get a proper adult job. As I was about to get back on my bike I heard someone yelling "Kenneth?!" And when I turned around it was her! So Luckily I got to see her and have a coffee with her before I headed back to Oslo. She enjoyed her new job with the government, but missed working with coffee as well.

I think those of us who get hooked on coffee never really leaves the profession. There will always be a part of us that still geeks out whenever we meet someone from the business and get to talk about coffee. And it is very difficult to get back to drinking "regular" coffee after learning what coffee can taste like.

With that thought in mind, I decided to do a tour of the best coffee places in Oslo. Mostly for myself as an excuse to taste as much coffee as I could and meet the people, but also to show where you should go if you are ever in Oslo.

And since I know some of the baristas it was even more fun. I am not in Oslo that often so catching up with old friends is always nice.

Supreme Roastworks is my favourite place in Oslo. They are known for their pour over coffee as the owner is a former wold champion coffee brewer. And two of my former colleagues work there.

I think I ended up visiting about 10-15 places and I drank a few litres of coffee, so my stomach was acting up a bit that night... But it was all worth it!

The next day had to set course towards Trondheim, and I decided to take the Trans Euro Trail home. So I head towards Kongsvinger, close to where the TET enters Norway from Sweden and I camped at the famous Rotneblikk. A must for all ADV riders who come to Norway!