Last Weekend Motorcycle trip of 2019

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It is October and we have to start preparing for the winter.

But before we put the bikes away for the season we want to have one more adventure!

I have worked with coffee for a long time and one my favorite parts of the job is all the interesting people I meet. Josef is one of those people. He started hanging out in the bar at Jacobsen og Svart a few years ago.

Josef & Kenneth | Ride the Bean | The Bean | Rondane

Josef is an interesting feller. He is from the Czech Republic and moved to Norway after meeting a girl here. He used to work in one of Prague's best tea houses and became a tea geek. He also has a passion for relaxation. Or at least he loves to make other people relax. That is why he is running a spa high up in the mountains in the Rondane mountain range.

Pia and I both had the weekend off and we knew it would be our last chance for a motorcycle adventure this year. We knew we wanted to go somewhere, but we didn’t really care where. So we looked at the map and decided to take the famous Atlantic ocean road and go to Kristiansund and Ålesund. But then Josef asked if we wanted to come and visit him up there. So we changed our plans.

A few days before we left we bought new GoPros. We want to do a lot more motorcycle trips, and the GoPro is great for capturing both beautiful views and action shots.

We are still very new to this video making thing, but we are having a lot of fun learning about it.

It was about a 4 hour drive, so not the longest trip, but perfect for a weekend.

We planned on leaving as early as we could after work, but things always happen, so we ended up having to camp half way.

When it started getting dark we started looking for a dirt road or somewhere we could take off the main road and camp. But within 15 minutes it was really dark. I saw what looked like a tractor trail up a hill, so I took off and Pia followed right behind. It turned out not to be a trail at all, and was instead brush and very uneven terrain. We were a bit surprised, but it was so much fun so we just kept driving until we could get any further.

Getting our bikes turned around was not an easy challenge and we both fell over. Pia even broke the handlebar protector she had just put on the bike. But we finally managed to park and set up camp before we went to bed.

Ride the Bean | Rondane, Norway

The next morning we woke up pretty late and it was raining so we really didn’t want to get out of the tent. But we had told Josef we were gonna be there at 2 pm. When the rain stopped we started to pack up and got back on the bikes.

Halfway the second day we drove through Oppdal where another coffee friend runs a Bakery called Sprø. So we had to stop by there for a coffee and a pastry.

The place was packed, so we did really get to talk to her that much. Gina was too busy making delicious coffee for people. But we got to say hi and fill up on coffee, before moving on despite being a bit after schedule.

The last part before we arrived was a dirt road. We were taking it easy and enjoying the view, and I noticed Pia was not behind me anymore. So I turned around and found her bike on the ground again. She hit the front break too hard and toppled over.

This was right next to a river and Pia, of course, had to take a pee. I don´t really understand the fascination, but for some reason, Pia loves doing her business in the forest. She always has to pee before going inside. But this time it kind of backfired. She got so excited about the view that when she sat down she forgot to lift up her rain suit. So she peed all over it. When she told me I couldn’t stop laughing! We were less than 5 minutes from our destination and she had to be before we got there, and ended up peeing on herself!! I don´t care how you put it. That is funny!

When we finally arrived Josef was in the middle of a treatment, but he had made us fresh ginger tea and drawn us a map of the area. So we took a drive while we waited for him to finish. We drove up to Rondane national park and played around on our bikes and took some photos for about an hour before coming back. We were thinking of going for a walk with Josef or make some food. But Josef had prepared the spa for us. I took a long shower before Josef gave me a massage while Pia was baking in the sauna. Then we switched.

It was my first time in a spa. It felt very strange. I am not used to these things. Pia has been to spas before so she was really enjoying it. I was too, but I always feel very out of place in settings like this so I was struggling to relax. But it felt great! It was a new experience for me and I got out of my comfort zone a little bit. I did not expect to get a spa treatment on a motorcycle trip to the mountains.

After our treatment Josef gave us a lesson in tea. He showed us different brewing methods, different teas and styles, and I learned a lot about how important the right temperature for the right kind of tea is. Tea is a fascinating world that I want to learn more about.

The next day we had to head back, but first we went for a hike. Josef took us up to this river that had several pretty big waterfalls all the way up. We made some coffee at the top before saying goodbye to Josef and heading home.

About an hour after we left the sky opened up and we got very cold very fast. So when we got to Oppdal again we had to find a place to warm ourselves and get some food.

We ended up sitting there for over an hour before braving the elements again.

It was a short but very eventful trip. And we want to thank Josef for giving us this experience! We had a lot of fun!

Kenneth | Ride the Bean | Yamaha XT660 | Rondane, Norway |

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