My first visit to Bergen

Recently I was in Bergen while on my trip around Norway.

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway (after Oslo) with about 400 000 inhabitants, and I had never been there before so it was about time.

Bergen is often considered the wettest place in Europe and has an average of 195 rainy days each year and it looked like I could expect the same when I got there. On my way down it had been raining for 3 days straight, but as soon as I came there the rain stopped and I got to see the city in the sun.

The main reason I chose to stop by Bergen on this trip was to visit meet up with a friend of mine and get to know a couple who I have been following for a while on Instagram.

I didn’t really have any plans other than to meet up with them, so I was excited to see what I would experience.

We are still in the middle of the corona pandemic, and when I left Trondheim everyone was wearing masks and socially distancing. So when I got to Bergen I expected it to be the same. But when I stopped at a mall to look for something I noticed that I was the only person wearing a mask. It almost felt like I was weird for wearing one since everyone kept staring at me.

But unbeknown to me the government had lifted the strict regulations a bit and for the rest of my trip I rarely saw someone wearing one, which I thought was strange.

A bit later I met up with Hallstein and Daniela from Noway Racing. This is a couple who around the same time as Pia and I started to plan for out trip, they decided to start training for the Africa Eco Race. Or the mini Dakar rally as some call it.

Hallstein had been riding bikes in his younger days, but had been out of it for some time, and Daniela had never been on a motorbike before.

Right around the time they started their journey, they called me and Pia to hear some of our plans and ideas around what we were about to do and share some thoughts, and I have been following them ever since.

Daniela was practicing for her motorbike licence, so we first grabbed a coffee together before we hit the road and rode around the outskirts of Bergen for a while.

Then we stopped at an old monastery where we sat down for a chat and another cup of coffee. If you was to hear what we talked about you can watch the video I made with them.

After our ride I went to visit a friend of mine that you also may know. Thomas Hansen.

I have been watching his videos on Youtube for a long time, and I finally got to meet him and ride with him at Bukkerittet, an annual motorcycle event in Grimsbu in Norway, last year. He showed me how to do my first river crossing. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but it was still fun. And we became pretty good friends.

So when I came to visit his city he invited me to stay with him for the night and I had dinner with his family and we sat and talked and drank beer until pretty late.

The next day he took me on a motorbike tour of the city and shows me some of the most interesting places. And of course we had to stop by some coffee bars.

Parked outside of Kaffemisjonen coffee bar

First was smakverket next to the museum in Bergen. This is a coffee bar I have roasted coffee for ever since I started roasting and they were one of my biggest customers for about 5 years. So it was fun to finally see the place. They now have coffee from my old partner and boss who restarted the company after we went bankrupt.

Then we went to check out Kaffemisjonen. They are one of the most well known coffee bars in Norway and have had people competing in the national championship for years. They were about to close when we come by, so we got a free coffee and had a quick chat with the barista.

Both bars are absolutely worth a visit.

In the afternoon I left to head towards Stavanger. The only other city in Norway I have lived. That brought back some memories!

Bergen turned out to be a beautiful city that I would absolutely recommend a visit to. But check the forecast before you go and dress accordingly!

Check out Noway racing on their instagram. @nowayracing

And check out Thomas' stuff on his youtube channel tshansen or his instagram @_tshansen