Now what?

So, it´s time to update you guys on what´s going on!

Our plans for the year are... completely blank. We have no idea. The situation in Norway right now is: health personnel are no longer forbidden to leave the country. That means one obstacle is gone, as I am free to leave. Another obstacle is the closed borders all over Europe, which means there´s nowhere we can actually go.

This whole situation feels completely surreal to us. Here we are, putting our entire lives on hold to go explore the world on our motorbikes. Having sold one of two apartments, and I quit my job, to cruise around on our motorbikes. There was so much excitement, so much anticipation behind those decisions. For so many nights, I´ve tossed and turned and asked myself what on earth I´m doing. By March, I had more or less gotten used to the idea.

Before Corona hit. We were just bursting with excitement about our trip!

Our dream trip of riding our motorbikes from Norway to South Africa became real for us. And now? Fast forward two months later, the world is turned upside down. Millions of people are without a job, without basic health coverage, without means to provide for their family. The less fortunate people are the ones who are struggling the most, as is usually the case. What we were planning to do is at the very top of Maslow´s hierarchy of needs, while the list of people who are struggling to meet the bottom tier just grew exponentially.

We haven´t completely given up on the Africa trip. We´ve set so many wheels in motion and dreamt about it for so long, but what will we find if we do make it to Africa? We worry about the effects it will have on an already vulnerable population. We were already aware that lack of infrastructure, a population living in extreme poverty, corruption, and poor health services would have a great impact on our trip. But now? We´re following news from the African continent, trying to imagine what we would find if we did go. It´s still early days, so we´re yet to make a final decision. But at what time do we have to make it? Our plan was to leave Norway in November, arriving in Morocco in January. Fingers crossed.

We are privileged. Very. I feel like we can´t sit down and cry out of disappointment, compared to what other people are going through. And we´re not crying. For quite a while, we were just empty. I used to spend my nights feeling crazy about going on this trip, and now I spend my nights thinking "what now?" At this point, we´re trying to think of other things to dream about. Things that are more likely to happen.

A year from now, we thought we'd be kissing in Africa. Looks like we'll be kissing home in Norway for quite some time.

So what could possibly create the same excitement for us as the Africa trip did? We haven´t really found anything yet. Still looking. At this point, it feels silly to make too many plans anyway. Who knows what the world will look like?

All I know is this: it´s too early to give up entirely. We need to create some kind of plan for us to aspire to and reach toward, we can´t just lie down now. So for what it´s worth we´ll keep doing us: riding our motorcycles, enjoying nature and stopping for coffee. Hopefully, we´ll meet some cool people along the way.

So that´s us, how are you guys holding on?

- Pia