Oppdal: if only we had more time

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The more of the world we explore, the more we want to see. Oppdal is no exception.

Oppdal is a village 120 km south of Trondheim, our home city. We´ve driven through it several times, like on our way to Rondane and our first camping trip with the Tenere 700s. It has 7000 inhabitants, but there are 3800 (source) cabins here. During the weekends, and especially holidays like easter and pentecost, the number of people explodes. There´s lots to do here both in winter and summer and is why so many people come to visit.

Riding through a village like Oppdal, I often feel torn. There´s usually a place waiting for us on the other side, and knowing that we have to hurry through to get there takes some of the joy out of it. One part of me wants to get through as quickly as possible, but another part is eager to park the motorbike, put on my hiking boots, and just stay.

This previous weekend was no different. We arrived late on a Friday night after I had had a long day at work. Driving through the village center, we saw a lot of motorbikes parked outside the hotels and camp spots. We had a quick look at the map to find a dirt road we could be alone on, and rode south, eyes sharp.

The dirt road we had spotted on the map suddenly appeared and took us on a trail leading to the busy river Driva and a scattered collection of trees. Finally, we were off the tarmac! The only trees that would hold our hammocks were close to a farmer´s trash heap, but it was good enough for us. A bit concerned by the collection of strewed bones, we figured we´d probably survive the night - if not we would fall asleep to a nice view prior to our hour of doom. We made camp and had some food by the river before we jumped into the hammocks. The evening sky painted such a beautiful picture for us!

The next morning we had a long ride ahead of us and left straight after breakfast. Have you noticed how coffee tastes even better when enjoyed in a hammock? And how much more enjoyable it is to do the dishes when you´re doing them in a river?

We were excited to see the places awaiting us, but I also wanted to show Kenneth (and you!) some of the places I´ve come to love in Oppdal.

Sights I would have shown you


Gjevilvassdalen is an absolutely beautiful valley. I´ve been here summer and winter, and it has come to be the place I´ve sought out when I need a break from the world. At the end of the valley is Gjevilvasshytta, some 20 km from the center of Oppdal. Before I had a license, I walked those kms from the train station, carrying a 20-25 kg backpack plus skis to get there. That´s how much I love it. I could sit for hours and just stare into the view, but there´s also a lot of great hikes to be had around the area. There are lots of beautiful places to hang up the hammocks, and a gorgeous sand beach for swimming.


Pretty gorgeous views from here too, even on an overcast day. 1671 masl!

Midtre Gjevilvasskammen

Just a short hike from the beach in steep terrain you get an amazing overview of the valley down below. A perfect place to brew coffee!


One of the most popular hikes in Norway, this hike takes you through a triangle of Gjevilvasshytta, Trollheimshytta and Jøldalshytta. It can be done in three days, but it´s so gorgeous you´ll want to spend more time. I did it with a friend in 2017 - we had the time of our lives!

There are also lots of areas left for me to explore, and I think Kenneth would love to join me. As luck would have it, our proximity to Oppdal means we´ll have a lot of opportunities to explore it in the years to come.

What feels more urgent is our planned trip from the North Cape of Norway to South Africa.

And for beautiful rides with the motorcycle: the road from Oppdal to Kristiansund passing through Sunndal is said to be one of the most beautiful rides in Norway. The road follows Riksvei 70 and is 172 km long and promises lots of good turns, steep hills, and awesome views. We didn´t have time for that on this particular trip, but I´d say the route we took was pretty spectacular!

We filmed a lot during our trip, and we´re going through the footage now. We will be ready to show you more in a video in a couple of weeks. We can´t wait!

Would you be interested in any of these hikes? Or have you done one already? Let us know :)