Race of the Ram (Bukkerittet)

This weekend! What a treat.

Every year, on the second weekend of August, there´s a festival arranged by OTC (Offroad Touring Club). We´ve been lurking on their Facebook group for a year now, trying to decipher the best-kept secrets to riding offroad. The name Bukkerittet (Race of the Ram) implies that it´s a race, which sounds very intimidating. An offroad riding race? There´s no way we would join that, as we´re completely fresh off-road. We would feel like a fish out of water there, making everyone wait for hours before we made the finish line.

After further investigation, we decided the festival was right up our alley. One of the goals of the event is to give people more confidence to ride their offroad-bikes on gravel. That´s exactly what we´ve been trying to do for the last months!

It wasn´t a good time for us, as time is running out for us and we have a thousand things that should have been done. It would take the entire weekend. Plus, would Kenneth be able to enjoy himself? After a bit of a tumble while offroad riding (video coming!) he´s been in a lot of pain recently. We worried we would make it down there, see all the gorgeous places we wanted to ride only to find out that he couldn´t stomach it because of the pain. In the end, we decided we would just ride down there to meet like-minded people and hang out. Worst case, we could learn something or have a coffee with some interesting people.

The event started officially on Thursday, but sadly we couldn´t make it down there until Friday evening. I´ve quit my job, but I´m working my behind off this summer to save up for our trip. There was a nightshift standing between me and the race, and though I tried to get rid of it I had no luck. By the time we arrived, people had been there for almost two days already, exploring the vast countryside and gravel roads.

We rode into the camping ground where it was hosted, shy and awfully awkward. Where to go? What to say? We didn´t know anyone there! Thankfully, as soon as we entered, people waved at us in welcome. All over there were adventure bikes lined up, people were in their riding gear. We´re in the right place!

We´ve made some acquaintances through our YouTube channel, and they set us up right away. "There´s an empty spot for your tent right next to ours, let me just move my GS". Perfect! Thank you so much :) We were immediately brought into the group and were glad to meet some of the people we´ve been talking to online. Have you seen Thomas Hansen's videos? If not, we suggest you do! He has some awesome camping and riding videos, plus reviews and tips for riding. He´s from Bergen, but he´s alright! (Bergen is the old arch enemy of Trondheim, maybe because our soccer team is so much better than theirs?)

In the end, Kenneth was stubborn enough to get on the bike and try his luck. We had the most amazing ride on Saturday, through valleys and forests, on sand and gravel. We also did our very first river crossing! So exciting, we can´t wait to show you the video! It´s not quite ready yet, as Kenneth is scrutinizing the footage, yelling "WHY? WHYYY?" as we speak.

Thanks for an amazing weekend! We had so much fun meeting you and riding with you. Lucky for us, most of the guys we rode with live in our home town. Chances are we´ll find ourselves riding again sometime!