Sleepover in the wild

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than in the forest with friends? Our home city is slowly starting to thaw after a historically lousy spring. We usually go camping just the two of us, but for a change we invited some friends along with us!

As kids, we would do sleepovers with our friends and it was a huge thing. Now that we´re all grown up that´s a rare occurence, but sleeping outdoors is a perfect excuse to invite people for sleepovers. There´s enough room for everyone, you get to talk into the wee hours of the night, and there´s coffee in the morning! How perfect.

Trondheim has lots of beautiful spots to camp. Some of them are more crowded than others of course, but if you know where to look you can find places you´ll end up all alone.

Us Norwegians are spoiled with the right to wild camp wherever we like, as long as we don´t stay more than two nights in each place. The thought that nature is there for all of us to share is heavily ingrained in us. We´re so spoiled we got very annoyed when we found people in our spot. People! In our spot! We considered all kinds of evil tricks to make them leave, but in the end all it took was for us to take a short hike.

Life is easy in the forest when the weather is kind, and so was dinner. We ended up grilling some hot dogs on the fire, wrapped in bannock bread that Cris made. With garlic and rosemary! So delicious.

(5th and 6th photo by Cris)

Cris, who you might remember from our coffee friend video, may look like the perfect Lannister in all her wrath and lion colored hair. She identifies more as a Stark though, as she´s from the mountainous north (of Spain).

Speaking of coffee friend-videos. Isn´t it time for another one?

Hard to go to sleep when this is your view

Also speaking of coffee. Kenneth was the first to climb out of our hammock in the morning, to kindle a fire and got a kettle of coffee going. There´s a joy that comes with sipping on coffee while enjoying a nice view and a fire, that can´t really be described. What a perfect way to start the day!

Are you visiting Norway and enjoy campfires? We started a fire, even though there´s a general ban on starting fires in Norway from April 15th to September 15th every year. This restriction is not absolute, but if your fire should come out of control you could be prosecuted. If you decide to take the risk, we encourage you to be responsible about it. Always consider the area around you, build your fire close to water. Use an already established fire pit, don´t go building fires every two square meters. And before you even consider it, check out this forecast. It lists about 100 spots around the country and gives a number of how great the risk of starting a wildfire is. A low number means there´s a low risk, and anything over 60 means there is a great danger. It´s not entirely translated into English, but you´ll be able to search for the place you´re going.

Thank you so much for joining us girls, we had an amazing time with you in the forest!