So it begins...

Now that we don´t have an apartment anymore, every day feels like an adventure. We wake up in one place not knowing where we´re going to fall asleep in the evening. Every day we have breakfast in a new place, and when dinnertime comes not only do we discuss what to eat but where to eat it. It´s so exciting!

Kenneth´s apartment is gone and sold, we´ve finally finished cleaning and moving everything out. Apart from some stuff in storage, we now carry around all our luggage on our motorbikes. We´re really putting the Tenere 700s to the test! As expected, the weight we´re now carrying changes the riding experience quite drastically. We´re working on a solution for that, more to come later!

Part of what makes our current living situation so bizarre is the fact that I still have work to do. I´ll be working through October, trying to put as much money in the travel account as possible. Moto camping and traveling in your vacation is one thing, but when you´re working it´s a whole different ball game. Very happy there´s a shower at work! We´re staying close to the city so I don´t have to travel too far, and Kenneth needs to follow my schedule. I might finish my shift at ten o´clock one evening and start again at 7 the next morning. That doesn´t leave a lot of time for exploring nature, building a fire, doing yoga on the shore, or contemplating life in the hammock too much. But that´s part of our adventure for now!

We´re so happy we get this chance to figure everything out. This is an excellent opportunity for us to see what equipment we need and not, and find good solutions for organizing. We´re quite messy, to be honest, so we have a lot to improve on there. But we´ll get there, step by step!

It´s cool that our location varies, but one thing must remain the same: there has to be coffee in the morning! Thanks again to Adrian for roasting our coffee, and Louis for designing the labels.

Life ain´t a life till you live it says Mac Miller, and we´re bound to agree! It certainly feels like we´re filling our life with life these days though. On an entirely unrelated note: is it time for Kenneth´s cap sticker to mysteriously disappear in the night? He´s keeping it there to annoy me and it´s working!