After I left Bergen I headed towards Stavanger, the Fourth largest city in Norway.

Stavanger is a city I have a lot of memories from. I was there a lot when I was little, and I went to the university of Stavanger for two years so I was excited to see how much had changed since I was there last time, about 7 years ago.

Driving into the city felt a bit strange. at first I didn't recognise where I was at. They have built a whole new road system with a bunch of tunnels around the city, so I had no idea where I was until I suddenly emerged almost downtown.

And although a lot has changed around the city, not much had changed inside it. Apart from one thing that made me a bit sad.

The place where I mede my first coffee was not there anymore.

When I moved to Stavanger in 2009 to study at the University there I got a job as a pizza delivery driver, and on slow

Studying hard

evenings my colleague used to make himself a latte with a whole shitload of syrup. At the time I could not stand the taste of coffee, but he convinced me to make it with him and it sort of became a thing we did every day. Although the coffee was terrible, it tasted fine because of all the sugar we put in it.

After a while it got too sweet for me so I slowed down on the syrups and slowly made stronger and stronger coffees until one day I actually like the coffee taste. And today it is my passion and my job.

Anyone order a pizza?

It is a bit strange, but my coffee career started in a pizza shop.

When I got to the city I parked my bike outside of where I used to work and went for a bit of a sightseeing tour to see if anything had changed. Walking through the streets brought back a lot of memories.

I was kind of in my own world just walking around looking at stuff when suddenly a guy bumped my shoulder and knocked my sunglasses off. I didn't really know what happened but when he turned around he looked a bit shocked. He gave me a bit of a strange look before realising who I was and yelled out "Oh!! I know you! I love your videos! Keep doing what you are doing"

I will never get used to being recognised on the street like that, but it is very nice.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in the Stavanger area because my step moms family lives there. About half an hour from Stavanger is a city called Sandnes where her son and her brother lives. Her brother was on holiday up in the north of norway when I came, but he let me stay in his house if I just watered the plants for him. So I decided to stay an extra day there.

While I was there I got a message from another subscriber of mine who was on his way from Germany up to

amongst other places, the Geiranger fjord. And since I had an extra day we went sightseeing in Stavanger and had a cup of coffee and tea. His name was Tim, and this was his first solo motorbike trip.

He was going up to Tänndalen in Sweden which coincidentally is just over an hour and a half from my cabin. When we left Stavanger we headed in the opposite direction and a few weeks later we met again on the border of Sweden when I got back to my cabin.

This is one of the reasons I love riding bikes this way. Meeting up with other riders. And this is what I would like to do as much as I can when I finally get to leave as well.

If you ever see that I am close by, then shoot me a message. If I am able to I'd like to meet up.

While in Stavanger I also randomly met up with my colleague from Langøra who was home visiting family. So of course we had to check out the number one coffee bar in town, Kokko.

This is a coffee bar and roastery run by some very creative people. The place looks awesome when you walk in. They have a nice coffee bar if from and a glass ceiling with a coffee roaster straight up form the bar. and downstairs they have some very interesting tables with secret compartments.

This place is absolutely worth a is it of you are in Stavanger!

All in all I had a lot of fun in Stavanger. It was fun seeing all the places I used to hang out and see how much or how little had changed.

Next I am going further down memory lane when I go to Egersund to visit my step brother.

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