The Fruity Bean is naturally processed coffee, with notes of red berries. Natural means that the coffee cherry is dried with the fruit still on, as opposed to being washed away before drying. This leaves a lot of the fruity flavor in the coffee.  These beans are grown in high altitudes have developed very sweet flavours. 


Coffee is a fruit. That means that it tastes best when it is fresh. That is why I always recommend grinding the beans right before use. This keeps the good stuff inside the bean much longer.


But if you don't have a grinder I am happy to grind it for you! Choose between whole beans, filter coffee or cowboy coffee (which is what I drink most of on the road). 


You can also choose which size you want. We offer 250g and 500g. 


The beans are hand picked, and sourced from suppliers that value sustainability and good working conditions. They buy the beans directly from farmers or washing stations. The beans are then shipped to Norway, roasted by Adrian Berg at Kaffi Nanoroastery. Adrian is a friend of mine, and two-times Norwegian barista champion. He roasts the beans on demand and ships them directly to you while I'm out riding my motorcycle.


In fact, when you buy my coffee you give me more time on the road. Thank you so much! 



Because the Situation with the corona virus, shipping times may vary.

The Fruity Bean coffee

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